About us

FOOD & FRIENDS is a culinary and lifestyle magazine established in 2010 by friends for friends who enjoy spending time where cooking and eating have a special meaning. We present you with the most important things on and around the table. We originate and get our inspiration from the magazine MAT & VÄNNER, our equivalent in Scandinavia. MAT & VÄNNER was established by a group of journalists and chefs as early as 2004. The magazine added a new dimension to culinary press in Europe and gained recognition in the Scandinavian publishing world, receiving the prestigious “Svenska Publishing-Priset” on several occasions.  

FOOD & FRIENDS wants to present the most innovative people from the food world, with restaurants and chefs that create global trends. We also visit places that are not aspiring for Michelin stars, with owners inviting us to take part of their passion and their ideas on how to create exceptional food and a unique atmosphere.

FOOD & FRIENDS is also showing how the Polish cuisine and gastronomy is changing. We travel far and wide to reach undiscovered gems, visiting and promoting small local producers who often go against the stream to supply us with the best quality products and let us reap the fruits of their hard work.Every second month, on 164 pages, we present articles that give you the taste and feel of all these places. Each season inspires us to prepare for our readers several dozen author’s recipes. We cook, style and bring you photographs on the highest artistic level.



we add taste to your life